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Professional Cleaning and Janitorial Services in Tampa, Florida

Servicing Pasco, Hillsborough and Pinellas County.

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We are so convinced of our services that we actually guarantee your satisfaction 100%. If for any reason, CBA Building Services fail to meet your expectations, you are entitled to a complimentary cleaning service within one business day. A consistently clean facility should be viewed as an investment, as it provides a real dollar return by not only projecting an image of professionalism and quality to customers but also creating a safe, healthy working environment for your employees. 

Core Values

  • Respect

  • Honesty

  • Work Ethic

  • Quality

  • Training

  • Customer Service


Continuous improvement in meeting or exceeding customer requirements by being partners with our clients towards a winning business relationship. If you are not satisfied with the job done as promised we will correct the service job at no extra cost.

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To provide multiservice solutions of the highest quality, thus providing a manageable and cost effective total service to our customer.

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To be recognized as the most reliable service provider in the cleaning industry.

Why Choose CBA Building Services?

We go above and beyond in order to show our clients why we’re the best option for their needs, which include special features to ensure their top satisfaction.

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We have more than 15 years of experience, such dedication goes a long way to ensuring safety and security for our customers.

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Our service and quality programs  are targeted  to your needs.

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All cleaning crews are professionally supervised, and we perform random inspections to guarantee quality. Also, a customer service representative personally visits each work site monthly to ensure work is flawless.

Working Together

Our staff are all dedicated to providing you with a level of responsiveness and efficiency that is unmatched in the industry.

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Our competitive rates, custom plans to fit your budget, and fast and efficient work, we know you’ll be impressed with our commercial building cleaning services.

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We use green products and processes, conserve energy, improve waste management and implement the use of efficient cleaning equipment.

Industries we Serve

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  • How much does professional commercial cleaning cost compared to In-House cleaning?
    Outsourcing cleaning services will save you money in the long run. Cleaning cost depends on the size of the cleaning area, the frequency of cleaning, how many people work on-site, the number of bins, and other factors. There are numerous cost-saving benefits of hiring CBA Building Services as your business partner including: Save Money on Payroll Taxes, Retirement, Health Insurance, Vacation and Sick Pay, Retirement, Supervision, Training. Quality of Services - Highly trained personnel will make sure your location is clean and we guarantee our services 100%. Equipment - We provide the latest cleaning technology in the industry. Other Services - A full spectrum of professional cleaning services are available upon request. Boost Morale - Lets your administrative team focus on their job is known to improve productivity. Reliability of Services - No need to worry if the person responsible to clean your facility calls in sick, is on vacation or resigns.
  • Does CBA Building Services have proper insurance?
    Yes, our company follows all requirements for insurance coverage for commercial janitorial companies by law.
  • What types of facilities do you clean?
    We clean a wide variety of facilities including: professional offices, financial, healthcare, education, government and automotive.
  • If there is a problem, who do I call?
    You can contact our office and we will be more than happy to address the problem and get the situation resolved. There is a 24/7 emergency phone line for our customers in case is needed.
  • How do I know clean personnel is spending enough time at my location?
    Our digital time and attendance system allows us to monitor our staff and hold everyone accountable. We review our employees cleaning times daily.
  • How often do you clean and what hours do your staff cleans?
    Whether it's daily, weekly, monthly, or just once, we'll clean as often as is necessary. We provide cleaning services during regular business hours or after hours, we offer our services whenever you need them.
  • Are your staff qualified and have undergone a background check?
    Yes, all of our staff are qualified and have undergone a background check.
  • Do I need to provide cleaning supplies?
    All cleaning chemicals we use are commercial-grade products and either third-party certified or Green Earth certified. We offer you the choice of using your cleaning supplies or ours.
  • How Detailed Are Your Cleaning Inspections And How Often Do You Inspect?
    A lot can happen in a short period of time. Our supervisors are well-trained and go through a quick items checklist to be discussed with the customer and our cleaning personnel. As far as how often to do your inspections, it mostly depends on the frequency of cleaning and the type of location. Once a week cleaning are often inspected after every clean, for buildings cleaned 5 days per week at least 4 inspections per month. . All cleaning personnel regardless of skill level receive a first clean onsite training. Skilled, dependable employees will not need inspections as often as newer, unskilled employees.
  • What kind of cleaning equipment is used for Office Cleaning?
    Basic Office cleaning equipment includes: Professional Back Pack HEPA Vacuum cleaner. Microfiber Mop and double bucket / Pulse Mop. Duster (both long and short). Color-coded microfiber cloths.
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